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Full Set $50 & Up

Benefits: odor-free, no liquor, add vitamin E and calcium

Pink & White

Pink & White

(Choose White or Different Color)
Pink & white powder
Full Set $60 & Up
Pink & White (or Different Color) Fill $50
Pink Fill $35 & Up

Benefits: Nails don't turn yellow, last long and look fresh after 3 weeks

Liquid Gel

Liquid Gel

Polish on real nails (No Plastic tip)
Liquid Gel $40

Benefits: Make nails Healthier, stronger, thicker and long - lasting

Ombre Nail $60 & Up


Signature Pedicure $60

With Gel Polish: $75

Signature pedicure includes nail shaping, cuticle grooming and hydration, removing dead skin,

The step is as followed:

A Fizzy bath salt (a sea salt formula to ease tension, and purify skin) 

• Apply the real clay

• Use the Eucalyptus Scrub to exfoliate

• Wrap in a heated towel

• Soak in the paraffin

• Apply hot stone massage with Eucalyptus lotion. (Eucalyptus is known for its distinctive aroma and its skin-soothing properties. It also helps to relieve stress,  ease muscle pain, and rejuvenamental  sluggishness.)



Zen Pedicure $50

With Gel Polish: $65

Zen Spa is a luxurious organic personal spa care set specially formulated to relax, exfoliate, and rejuvenate your body. The set is made of natural ingredients and consists of:

• A Fizzy bath salt (a sea salt formula to ease tension, and purify skin)

• A Callus remover (to exfoliate dead skin)

• An organic sugar scrub (a natural  exfoliator to boost blood circulation,  and to relax mind and body)

• A cream mask (to soothe and  moisturize the skin)

• A paraffin wax (moisturized the feet)

• A premier butter lotion (a special formula made of natural ingredients to heal and keep skin moisturized longer)


Deluxe Pedicure $40

With Gel Polish: $55

An upgrade from our classic pedicure, the deluxe pedicure consists of a special soak, callus removal, tangerine sugar scrub, mud masque, soak in Paran wax, massage in ice cooling gel, and ending with bot towel.

Classic Pedicure $30

With Gel Polish: $45

Consists of basic include cleaning of the cuticle, scrubbing the heel, lotion, and hot towel.

Manicure $20

Gel Polish Change: $25

Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Eyebrows $12
Upper Lip $8
Eyebrows and Lip $18
Full Face $35

Includes eyebrows, lip, chin and cheeks

Under Arms $30
Half Arm $30
Full Arm $50
Half Leg $45
Full Led $70